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Elastomeric roof coatings provide a seamless barrier against corrosive elements that lead to moisture penetration and damaging leaks, effectively extending the life expectancy of a roof.

An elastomeric roof coating can add an additional layer of protection to existing roof systems which can enhance the energy efficiency of your building. Building owners can manage rising energy costs and meet increasingly rigorous energy-related building codes while keeping building occupants comfortable. The white elastomeric coatings can provide a “cool roof” effect by reflecting harmful UV rays thus lowering temperatures on the rooftop and inside the building which reduces the need for air conditioning, helps maximize the performance of rooftop HVAC units, and diminishes the urban heat island effect. Additionally, low VOC, non-flammable and presents minimal hazard to the environment.

When installed, elastomeric coatings protect and extend the life of the roof and allow building owners to avoid costly roof replacements. The money-saving benefits can amount to more than 50% less than a typical roof replacement. With proper care and maintenance, a properly applied elastomeric coating can easily last 15-20 years.

The first step in any successful coatings project is completing a thorough assessment of the existing roof — from the top layer to the roof deck — to determine whether it should be coated.

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What are Elastomeric Roof Coatings?
An elastomeric roof coating is a liquid-applied roofing layer made from acrylic or silicone that cures to form a seamless membrane when applied over the entire roof area. Acrylic (water-based) coatings affix well to a wide range of roof types and provide excellent protection, but they may need multiple coats and take time to cure. Silicone coatings take less time to cure, can often be applied in one coat, and do well in extreme temperature settings — but they can lose their reflectivity over time without regular cleaning and maintenance.

Because they respond well to changing temperatures and weather conditions, elastomeric coatings serve as an effective “outer armor” for new roof systems. They may also be applied to existing roofs to extend their service life as an alternative to a complete tear-out.


Elastomeric coatings can be installed over:

  • Asphalt
  • Fiberglass
  • Aged EDPM or TPO
  • Metal roofing
  • Built-up roofing
  • Sprayed polyurethane foam
  • APP / SBS cap sheets
  • Most existing elastomeric coatings
  • PVC
  • Exterior grade plywood
  • Concrete
  • Rigid coverboards such as Densdeck and Securock

Finally, it is widely recognized that roofing materials are the third-largest contributor to landfill waste. There is a growing number of regulations which are being considered and implemented across the country to address the problem. The simplest and most effective solution is roof restoration; when a roof is coated, the existing roof stays in place and out of the local landfill.

Roof coating can extend the useful life of roofs across all climates and conditions. All told, there are compelling reasons to consider roof coatings- it makes good business sense and is environmentally friendly!

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